Shangshui Innovation Laboratory

Innovate and progress alongside our clients,
collectively strengthening our core competencies.


Our mission is to build a technical bridge between Shangshui and our clients. We provide solutions for lithium-ion battery slurry mixing, new energy materials, and other applications, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality and most efficient solutions. Since its establishment in 2013, the Shangshui Innovation Lab has been on a trajectory of continual growth and improvement. We’ve accrued a wealth of experience through collaboration and communication with clients across various industries. We maintain close ties with domestic and international universities and research institutes, maximizing resource sharing and providing clients with quick and accurate first-hand information.

Our goal is to innovate and progress alongside our clients, collectively strengthening our core competencies.

>10 times/year

Client Training


Professional Laboratory Personnel


Various Material Processing Equipment


Professional Analytical Instruments

>100 times/year

Client Experiments


Close to Clients

Our lab engineers not only conduct tests with clients in our labs, but they also frequently visit client sites to address real-world issues on the production line. This immersive approach enables us to propose optimal process solutions tailored to the specific needs and products of each client.

Close to the Factory

Leveraging the robust manufacturing capabilities of Shangshui Factory, our lab can readily access necessary parts and customized equipment resources, ensuring a more flexible and efficient experimental process.

Close to Innovation

We are backed by a powerful professional team committed to following Shangshui's trail of innovation. We continually seek opportunities to meet our clients' needs.

Close to the Future

We keep our sights set on future market and technological developments, helping clients to strategize for next-generation technology in advance and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Application Testing

We conduct product application tests based on client needs, evaluate product quality, and provide comprehensive test reports

Technical Innovation

In collaboration with product R&D departments, we continually refine new technologies and equipment, including new product trials and concept validation

Process Development

We explore process parameters based on client customization requirements or new technology indicators, identify process implementation solutions, and offer remote or on-site support

Formula Development

Leveraging Shangshui’s innovative laboratory equipment and testing platforms, we can assist clients in developing new products


Drawing on in-depth understanding of equipment and product features, Shangshui engineers provide high-quality training on equipment operation, maintenance, and process principles



Our experimental equipment is extensively applied in the new energy industry for a wide array of material processing tasks, including:

Ternary system slurry mixing
Graphite system slurry mixing
Graphite system slurry mixing
Silicon carbon anode system slurry mixing
Lithium-ion phosphate precursor grinding
Solid electrolyte grinding
Coating of graphite materials
Nano-silicon anode grinding
Conductive carbon slurry dispersion
Alumina/Bromellite dispersion
Sodium battery raw material grinding
Lithium-ion battery separator extrusion