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Striving to be the Vanguard and Authority in Integrated Solutions for Intelligent Equipment and Processes within the New Energy and New Materials Sectors


Lithium-ion Battery Slurry Mixing Lines


Gwh Slurry Mixing Capacity


Top Lithium-ion Battery Clients


11+ Years of R&D Experience


Established in 2012, Shangshui has emerged as an industry leader in offering comprehensive solutions for micro-nano material processing and industrial production within the new energy and new materials sectors. Our dedication to innovative thinking helps us tackle industry challenges, integrate intelligent equipment with production processes, consistently create value for our clients, and contribute to a future marked by reduced carbon dioxide emissions and sustainable development.

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Three-time recipient of the National High-Tech Enterprise Award

The proud holder of the China Patent Excellence Award
Our innovative cases have been recognized and included in the industry primer
Innovative technology-based cell production equipment
Guangdong New Energy Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center

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Our strategic client market share surpasses 30%

Shangshui Cyclic High-efficiency Slurry Mixing System has consistently delivered solutions to the top players in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing sector.

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New Materials Sector

Cathode and Anode Material Preparation Systems
Micro and Nano Material Processing Systems
New Materials and Process Systems

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2023 Campus Recruitment initiative is about to kick off!
2023 Campus Recruitment initiative is about to kick off!
Living in a grand era, we are tasked with a significant mission. In line with the national “Talent Empowerment” strategy, we aim to foster sci...
Shangshui New Product Launch – “Leading Innovation & Subverting Tradition”
Shangshui New Product Launch – “Leading Innovation & Subverting Tradition”
We are stepping into the large-scale replication stage of power battery and lithium-ion battery material production.Innovative, efficient solutions are n...