Single Cone Dryer

Application Scenarios

Applicable across various industries, including new energy, coatings, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Particularly suitable for mixing and dehumidification drying of lithium-ion battery cathode and anode materials, offering higher production efficiency and lower energy consumption.

Product Features

  1. Utilizes a new heating method for rapid temperature rise and precise temperature control, with an accuracy of ±2℃;
  2. The helical ribbon rotation drives materials to move up and down, as well as inside and outside, ensuring thorough heating;
  3. The heating method is over 30% more energy-efficient than traditional heat conduction oil methods;
  4. Parts in contact with the materials can be coated with ceramic materials;
  5. The drying temperature can reach up to 350℃.

Structural Principle

The unique heating method rapidly heats the cylinder wall while the internal helical ribbon rotates, turning the materials up and down, inside and outside. Moisture within the materials continuously evaporates, and under a vacuum environment, water vapor quickly escapes and is removed by the vacuum pump. If solvent recovery is needed, a condenser and recovery liquid storage tank can be added.