Nano Wet Grinding Machine

Application Scenarios

Ideal for high-end nano-material preparation, particularly applicable to ultrafine grinding of particulate materials between 20-200 nanometers, such as inorganic salt crystals and metallic materials like lithium manganese iron phosphate, nano-silicon, and catalysts

Product Features

  1. Dual power system with an independent separating wheel for material discharge, capable of separating smaller grinding media;
  2. Uniform distribution of media along the circumference, eliminating biased grinding phenomena;
  3. Gravity of grinding balls counterbalances the adhesive force of the slurry, complemented by a specialized impeller design that ensures even vertical distribution of grinding media and increased energy density;
  4. Dynamic separation allows for a minimum grinding media size of 0.03mm, achieving 20-200 nanometer grinding.

Structural Principle

Materials are introduced into the grinding chamber from the bottom, where they are uniformly distributed with the grinding media under the impeller’s stirring action. As materials move upward, they experience the impact, shear, and dispersion forces of the grinding media, eventually reaching the separating wheel. The balls’ natural tendency to settle downwards counterbalances the viscous force created by the liquid flow, facilitating smoother ball-material separation, accommodating larger grinding flow rates, and effectively controlling temperature rise, ultimately achieving ultrafine grinding between 20-200 nanometers.