Cyclic High-efficiency Slurry Mixing Machine

Application Scenarios

Suitable for the lithium-ion battery industry (e.g., alumina slurry, battery positive and negative electrode slurry), as well as coatings, inks, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other industries. Ideal for dispersing temperature-sensitive, shear-sensitive slurry, as well as high-viscosity, hard-to-pump suspensions.

Product Features

  1. Small equipment footprint and high energy efficiency.
  2. User-friendly operation interface with a modern, attractive design.
  3. Fully enclosed mixing and dispersion process eliminates environmental moisture and dust impact on slurry dispersion.
  4. Suitable for high-viscosity, high solid content suspensions; no agglomeration, sticking, or scraping required.
  5. Residue-free, easy to clean, and low maintenance.
  6. Water-cooled high-frequency spindle motor, co-developed by Shangshui and an Italian professional motor research company.

Product Advantages:

Compared with traditional mixers, taking a 1200L/h slurry mixing system as an example

ItemsCyclic High-efficiency Slurry
Mixing Machine
Planetary Mixer Slurry MixingRemarks
Capacity1200 L/h1200 L/h
Equipment Configuration1200L Cyclic High-speed Slurry Machine×1
2000L Cyclic Tank×2
600L Twin Screw Pump×1
1200L Planetary Mixer×3
1200L Buffer Tank×1
Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump×1
Cyclic High-speed Slurry Machine can produce
1800L slurry per batch (1.5h)
Planetary Mixer can produce
1300L slurry per batch (3h)
Installed Power205 kW462 kW
Unit Energy Consumption50 kWh/t220 kWh/tSaving 215 kWh per ton of slurry
Floor Area6 m×4.5 m18 m×7.5 mFloor Area Savings 408m²
Number of Shift Workers1 person/shift3 person/shiftSaving 2 people per shift

In contrast to traditional double planetary mixers with low capacity, high energy consumption, multiple required systems, high equipment investment cost, high labor cost, and large factory space requirements, the cyclic high-speed slurry machine overcomes capacity limitations. A single machine achieves larger capacity with a small size, high efficiency, low unit energy consumption, and great equipment investment and labor costs.