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Materials Engineer


1. Selecting non-metallic materials for parts of the company’s newly developed products, participating in process development, handling process anomalies, and engaging in experimental verification.
2. Analyzing material failure mechanisms accurately in line with our company’s work conditions and process parameters and implementing corresponding improvement measures.


1. Bachelor’s degree or above in Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering, Polymer Materials Engineering, Composite Materials Engineering, or related sectors. Experience in ceramic materials, composite materials, or other new material development with solid professional technical skills is required. 1-3 years of work experience. Exceptional fresh graduates may be considered.
2. Basically proficient in material performance testing and product quality control, with an initial capacity for research and development of new materials and process.
3. Ability to select equipment for material testing and new material research and development as per application conditions, and initial capacity to develop new processes.
4. General knowledge of material processing, capacity to identify needs accurately, evaluate general suppliers’ processing ability, and perform quality analysis.
5. Experience in developing processes such as injection molding, plastic coating, surface treatment (PVD, spraying, DLC, etc.) is preferred.
6. Proficient in using common office software for compiling technical documents and data, with some data analysis capabilities.
7. Ability to identify the reasons for material failure on-site, propose optimized solutions in conjunction with relevant process parameters and information.
8. Familiar with basic methods of literature retrieval and data query.
9. Good communication skills, strong stress resistance, and robust execution.