Shangshui New Product Launch – “Leading Innovation & Subverting Tradition”

We are stepping into the large-scale replication stage of power battery and lithium-ion battery material production.

Innovative, efficient solutions are needed for power battery slurry mixing, while the Lithium-ion Battery material segment demands efficient, automated, and environmentally friendly Chinses-style solutions for various cathode and anode material production. Deeply rooted in the sector of dispersion slurry mixing, Shangshui has garnered unique insights and innovative experiences over the years. In view of the current and future development trend of Lithium-ion Battery sector, we have launched several slurry mixing systems for efficient dispersion of micro-nano materials for lithium-ion batteries, making significant strides in the core production equipment of Lithium-ion Battery materials, and owning the core independent intellectual property rights. What is the “new path” opened up by Shangshui, which “takes innovation as the soul” while focusing on the large-scale manufacturing of Lithium-ion Battery slurry mixing, lithium-ion battery material grinding technology innovation?

On November 14, in conjunction with the 2022 Gao Gong Lithium-ion Battery Annual Meeting, Shangshui held its annual new product launch under the theme “Leading Innovation Subverting Tradition”. Nearly a hundred leaders from the battery and material sectors witnessed this innovative shift in equipment technology of the new energy sector. Shangshui Chairman, Jin Xudong, emphasized Shangshui’s commitment to innovation over industry involution, its determination to break conventional mindsets and innovate constantly, and its continual product development to meet client needs. By offering innovative solutions to the sector’s challenges and pain points, we consistently generate value for both the industry and clients.

Source: Gao Gong Lithium-ion Battery Website